Monday, August 3, 2009

Illamasqua-First impressions

I received my Illamasqua parcels few days ago.
Would like to share with you my thoughts about this brand.
I waited 10 days to get them(international shipment).That's quite nice.
Here is my order:

Lipstick - Fetish
Lipstick - Sonnet
Intense Lipgloss - Besotted
Intense Lipgloss - Mistress
Intense Lipgloss - Fierce
Powder Blusher - Disobey
Illuminator - Poised
Light Liquid Foundation - LF215
Matt Primer + SPF 20
Loose Powder - LP005
Satin Primer + SPF 20



Here are some pics/swatches/ingredients of Matt Primer.
I was thinking about contact Illamasqua about this product.It smells so,so,so bad I can't stand it on my face.Satin Primer is OK,and I think that probably they should smell the same.Anyone has the same issue?


Satin Primer
I tried it couple of times on my cheeks.It doesn't have that silky texture(nor do Matt Primer) as I thought it would.It feels like a moisturizer,but stickier.I use it only on my cheeks since I have oily skin.I still have to test it,so than I will do full reviews.Love the SPF 20.


Light foundation
When I saw how it looked,I thought no way this is gonna match my skintone.
But it did.Eventough it looks a bit orangey,too warm and yellow for my skintone,it blends quite nicely.


Loose powder

I heard some nice thinks about Illamasqua powder.Since I wasn't sure which shade should I get,I order 005.It doesn't brighten my skin like I heard.But,I don't have light skintone.It's so soft,it gives a nice finish and you don't look too powdery.On my skin,it is transparent.It comes with cute sponge.


Powder Blush

I love it.I order shade Disobey.On my pic it's a bit too yellow.In real life,it's more brownish.
I use it for contouring.It's just the right shade,not too dark.It's matte,texture is unbelivable soft,it's so easy to blend.



I order 2 shade.Fetish is more purple in real life.It's soft,creamy and just amazing for your alter ego :)
Sonnet is peachy/nude lipstick.Don't like the texture of this.It's not as creamy,don't stay as long as I wanted to.


Intense lipgloss

I love it.They are not too sticky,glossy enough,soooooo pigmented.


Swatch of illuminator above.
It's pinkish illuminator with a lot of shimmer,not glitter which is nice.You need to blend this really fast,since it dries pretty fast.You can use it as a lipgloss to add some shimmer,or over the lipstick.You can use it as a higlight if you like pink tones for that purpose :)


All in all,I would definatelly like to try more products of this brand.Love the packaging,colour choice,customer service,pigmentation.Yes,they are expensive,but I think it's worth it.I think about ordering more lipglosses and blushes :)
Only thing I don't like it smell of Matt Primer,but as I said,I will contact them,Maybe it's just mine :)



  1. Nice makes me really wanna try out the intense Lipgloss, they are REALLY intense,huh!!!IoI And also the Light Liquid Foundation, the colour looked quite yellow in pic, do you use MAC foundation?If so could you tell me which shade you are using? Just get a idea bewteen the foundation shade of this 2 brands:Dxx

  2. That's an amazing haul. I'm still holing out for the time being because I can't decide what I want to order and because of the shipping costs and exchange rate.
    Those lip glosses look so intense.

    Naomi ~

  3. OH I love the packaging!

    Great review, glad I found you!

  4. Great Haul, really good pics ! I've got the matt primer and it doesn't smell strange to me so hopefully they will send you another one.

  5. @Yi-I think that intense lipgloss is their best product :)
    I am MAC NC30.I can swatch MAC and Illamasqua next to each other so you can compare.

    @Naomi-Thank you.
    What about Sephora?
    I think that shipping from Illamasqua is reasonable.It is a lot if you want to buy one or two products,but if you want to buy more,it's not that much.

    @ModernMom-Thank you so much for kind words.
    You have a lovely blog.

    @Replica-Thank you.I will contact Illamasqua.


  6. Great picture's v detailed review-thank you-really love the idea of using the blush for contouring-also the lipgloss looks amazing and the packaging-beautiful.

  7. Trying to become one of your followers-but not coming up on the screen at the moment-will try again tomorrow and see if its working then.

  8. @potionprincess
    Thank you.Lipglosses are great.Since I got them,I use them almost every day :)
    And I see you as my follower.Thank you for that.

  9. This is a really great and detailed review.. !! Thanks for posting

    <3 from the westcoast

  10. @Rosamond
    Thank you so much.You have a lovely blog.

  11. I like the packaging a lot and those lip glosses are beautiful!

  12. @Caramel Diva

    Lipglosses are more than great.
    Thank you for following me.