Monday, September 14, 2009

The Importance of customer service

Hey lovelies,

As you know,I had problem with Illamasqua Matt Primer.I contacted them and they told me to send them product back and they will refund me.So I did.

I was impressed how quickly they responded on my e-mails.I know they are growing brand and probably they are receiving tons of emails.
Two days ago I received package from them.And I know I didn't order anything.When I opened it,I found Illamasqua poster,note,eyeshadow and 3 lipglosses.Imagine how happy I was.And they send me email that they looked up what I order previously so that they can know what I like.I was seriously impressed.It's not that they send me stuff,which is really nice gesture,but the time they spend replying on my e mails and note which was handwritten?I was thrilled.Most of the companies would offer to refund and that's it.

Which got me thinking,how important customer service is to you?
My thoughts are that I can easily forgive bad products,but bad customer service?No,no.

I had difficulties with my computer,so I can't write as often.I hope that you are all doing well.



I am posting pic of my gift :) Poster and note are private :D I didn't swatch Repulse,but it's beautiful opaque black.




  1. wow, thats really good, thats the best customer service I have heard of. I completely agree with you that you don't tend to forget bad service. The cosmetic world is such a competitive market that I go elsewhere if I get bad service but stay loyal to those offering good service.
    What eyeshadow and lipglosses did you get ?

  2. I love Illamasqua - I had a problem with a Nail Varnish that arrived broken and they sorted it out in no time, sending me a complimentary gift and a hand written note [was it from Alex? She seems like a nice lady!] apologising for the problem. As you say, bad customerservice is inexcusable in such a competitive market place.

  3. Its VERY imp. to me.
    When I did a Bobbi Brown faulty gloss video on you tube they contacted me appologising!

    Illamasqua are great.. great customer service! An item arrived in the wrong shade and they let me keep it and sent me the other on 1st class.

    Zuneta however is the best. UNBEATABLE customer service. So nice!!

  4. @Replica,
    I updated post with pictures.Sorry,it took me month to reply.

    Glad to hear that you have nice experience with Illamasqua.Would like to know who are you,so I can visit your blog,if you have one.

    I checked your youtube chanel.You are doing great work.Thanks for info about Zuneta,I heard so many nice thing about that store.
    And by the way,predivna si :)


  5. Thats a great gift. Not sure how I would wear Repulse, blotted or mixed with a berry colour maybe ?

  6. I will try to mix it up with some other Illamasqua lipglosses.They are same texture so they will blend nicely.Will try some looks,and will post it here.