Sunday, July 19, 2009

Illamasqua foundation shades?

Hello lovelis :)

Just a quick post.Since I am not in UK and want to order something from Illamasqua,I sent them email asking about how to find perfect shade of foundation for my skintone.
They replied me so fast,I couldn't believe.
I was told that they are going to be blogging about this issue next week.I thought it would be nice news for all of us who can't go and check Illamasqua in person :)

P.S. I was told that the right shade for my medium/yellow/neutral skintone can be 135 or 215.

Hope this helps :)



  1. I own three of the four types of foundation they do - the light liquid is a low coverage one - a "my skin only better" type of product, the cream foundation is my favourite for day to day looks - give buildable medium coverage. Rich liquid gives a totally blank canvas - high coverage with a little product! This is amazing for night-time looks but would also be good for boys wanting to cover stubble etc! Hope this helps x

  2. I'm 135 in Illamasqua, if that helps you. I have a couple of pictures that show my skintone on my blog.

    135 is a pale but not absolutely porcelain shade - about a MAC 20 depth, but neutral.

  3. My first comments!Thank you girls.

    @Grace London
    I think that 135 is too light for me.
    Thank you for confirming me that.
    I think about ordering 215.
    You have a lovely blog.

    Thank you,that was helpful.
    Can you compare shades that you have with MAC shades?


  4. they do have really good customer service, I took a chance on 120 and its my perfect shade, so I was lucky, I'm probably what would be a MAC nw10. Great Blog x

  5. @Replica

    Thank you for comapring MAC and Illamasqua shades.

  6. Darling,please do a review on it after you tried this foundation :D

    The Style Of Neighborhood

  7. @Yi,
    I received yesterday my orders.I bought LF215 and it looks really orangey.But when I try it on my arm,it blends really nice.I will try on face and post my thoughts :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.